About Lytone

Lytone Enterprise, Inc. was established in 1994.

Its mission is to develop business opportunities in food, agriculture and animal industry, based on biotechnological sciences.

Its international markets encompass China, Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia, Europe, America, Oceania, Middle East as well as East Africa.

In addition to Dr. William T.H. Chang, Lytone’s founder, major investors include Apex Biotech and a few other professional and juridical persons.


R&D Division


Functional materials


Freshness technology


Agricultural Supply Division


2020-06-11 Lytone Enterprise, Inc. filed a patent infringement lawsuit against AgroFresh Solutions in the United States.
Lytone Enterprise, Inc., the global leader in produce freshness postharvest solutions, filed a patent infringement lawsuit on May 19, 2020, against AgroFresh Solutions in the United States District Court in Delaware. The suit alleges that AgroFresh willfully infringed U.S. Patent 6,897,185, which covers a formulation for an effervescent tablet the releases a molecule that slows the ripening of plants. Lytone is seeking monetary damages and an injunction. “We value the strength of our intellectual property and are committed to protecting our patent portfolio,” said Dr. William T.H. Chang, Lytone Enterprise, Inc. Founder and Chairman. “Lytone remains committed to investing in proprietary innovations to offer its thousands of global customers unparalleled technology and service to improve fresh produce quality and reduce food waste.”
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