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Agricultural Supply Division

To increase industrial livestock production, improve nutrition absorption and help animal battle infections



AnsiP-Sticker ® Customizable Sticker Paste&Go Print your own LOGO!

Latest, patent-protected product launched 2017! Sticker design is not only convenient during packing but also a strong promotion when customized with your own logo or trademark.

Suitable for : small boxes, individual package
1. Spray water on the product for faster effect
2. Place or paste the product in the box
3. Seal the box normally



Natacoat® is formulated with Natamycin in a latex solution. It can form a protective film and inhibit the growth of various fungi.

It is a natural anti-fungal solution, consisting of food-grade ingredients that can increase fungal resistance by plants without toxicity concern if used according to instructions.

With the edible, safe composition, Natacoat® is strongly recommended for post-harvest treatment on fruits, vegetables via simple and quick dip-in method. For example, it can prolong shelf-life of citrus for up to 4-6 months.


AnsiP-G ® Effervescent Tablet Slow Release Design for Large Space

1-MCP substrate is well secured by LYTONE’s unique technology in the tablet that releases 1-MCP at a mild rate to assure average distribution.

Suitable for : walk-in refrigerator, storage room…etc
1. Calculate required dosage
2. Place tablets in wide-opening container/disposable cups.
3. Add tap water to submerge tablets
4. Leave the room and airtight over 12 hours




AnsiP-S ® Non-woven Fabric Easy-to-Use Cut-able Fabric

The active ingredient is evenly coated on the fabric that provides flexibility to fit any form of packaging or to directly wrap the fresh produce.

Suitable for: transportation carton, boxes
1. Spray water on the product for faster effect
2. Place or paste the product in the box
3. Seal the box normally



KaDoZan® is non-toxic, harmless, served to reduce plant pathogen spores vigor and for rapid strengthening of plant tissues.

KaDoZan® activates plant immune system for self- defense via various mechanisms. When a pathogen invades, the plant itself produces a biological enzyme, chitinase, to decompose bacterial cell wall, and protect the plant from pathogen damages. Imagine KaDoZan® as a vaccine for plants, to be applied before diseases physically attack.



Chitamin cotains Nordic food grade amino acids and chitosan. Dozens of amino acids are of monomers(small molecule) it can not only spply nutrition rapidly for plant growth and blossom developments, but also activate plant immune system to protect against pathogens and diseases.


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