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AnsiP-G offers a new design on 1-MCP application that maintains freshness much easier. Its slow-release mechanism ensures a safe and thorough treatment on your fresh produce. It can be applied by yourself through a series of simple steps. Whether in large warehouse or small storage space, AnsiP-G is your best choice for post-harvest quality preservation.

AnsiP-S, designed on a piece of non-woven fabric embedded with 1-MCP molecules, provides a whole new experience for application. Not only does it maintain freshness, but it also acts as humidity buffer for your carton-packed produce.

AnsiP-Sticker combines effectiveness, convenience and customization into one small sticker. Its unique and patented 1-MCP technology enables application in various packaging. It can be even printed with user's logo or brand for marketing purpose.

Natacoat features natamycin, an FDA-approved ingredient that protects fresh produce from yeast, funal and mold infection. It controls a broad spectrum of post-harvest pathogens by forming a protective layer surrounding fruits/vegetables or cuts, blocking infection and providing long-lasting protection.

KaDoZan features chitosan with special molecular weight and degree of de-acetylation that confer its excellent performance. It stimulates plant growth and activates immune system to improve crop resilience and enhance resistance to pests and diseases.

Chitamin, manufactured with Nordic food-grade amino acids and chitosan, not only enhances immune system against plant diseases, but also promotes physiological functions of plants. It provides multiple peptides and organic nitrogen that ordinary fertilizers cannot.

Azolyte contains nearly whole-profile trace elements extracted from ocean volcanic sediments. It improves root system, yield and quality of crops, especially in infertile soil or hydroponic system where nutrient access is limited.

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